A downloadable game for Windows, macOS, and Linux

This mini game was made for a College project on political satire, it's our first game ever but we had lots of fun creating it, hope you like it!

You are the boss of the news department of a big TV channel. Every piece of content is reviewed by you before broadcasted live. It's the pre-elections season and one day the head of a well-known party comes to your office and asks you to alter the news in his favor. Will you take the money and do it or will you choose to be 'ethical', and what will that cost? The only thing left is to find out!


Space to interact and take choices

Arrow keys to move


Music and sound effects by Alex McCulloch, Nicole Marie T, Viktor Kraus and https://opengameart.org/users/joth at https://opengameart.org/

Parts of the design inspired by  https://forums.p-insurgence.com/u/aboodie/summary, Kyle Samuelson, Matt Deans and  the Pokemon franchise.

Fonts by Raymond Larabie and Zelda 3 for Super Nintendo.

Note: If your name should be mentioned on the sources list but it's not ,then please contact us so we can add it, we apologize in advance if we forgot to mention someone!

Additional Information:

This game was created as a creative project for the course of HHU2214A1-Le - Laughing It Off:Forms & Uses-Spring Semester 2020 in Deree-The American College of Greece under the Honors Program.


Information Sensation.exe 269 MB
Information_Sensation.x86_64 275 MB
Information_Sensation.zip 227 MB

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